Chile 360º

Do you want to discover the wonders of a country that charms with its diverse geography and its lively people?


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The App


Download “Chile 360º, the mobile app that gathers the best images and videos in 360º of Chile’s most representative destinations.

Explore the different thematic collections and go on a trip around Chile’s natural and cultural heritage. Explore the majestic Torres del Paine, the Atacama Desert, the mysteries of Easter Island and plenty of other destinations from the comfort of your seat, using your mobile device or VR glasses to have a unique experience.

You can also download your favorite images to your mobile device and enjoy them without an Internet connection, so you can take a piece of Chile wherever you go.

The Project

Chile 360º is an app developed by Imagen de Chile as part of its mission to promote Chile’s Nation Brand internationally. The app allows both national and international audiences to explore the country, from north to south, using their mobile devices and VR technology.

The main goal of the app is to promote the variety of natural landscapes and cultural destinations that make our country a unique place, which charms with its diverse geography, culture, and people.

Chile 360º is an initiative by Imagen de Chile.

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Chile 360ª has been developed in collaboration with diverse public and private entities that aim at positioning Chile in diverse areas like tourism.

scientific and productive development, among others.

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